Nicky, where are you?

Hey there! Have you ever been living your best life or what you thought was your best life then an event happens and knocks you down? Well this happened to me last fall! It took me months to ‘get over it!’ Did I overcome it? Not hardly but I had to decide I needed to make a change in my own life. Is my life perfect? hahaha No way, but I need to move on. I can only do what I can do with the time I have now.

Where are you?

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Motherhood Unfiltered: It's going to be okay.

Welcome to a safe place and hold onto your hat as we go on a new journey together. I've experienced major changes in our family and frankly have been devastating to me. I've been feeling sorry for myself and am done with it. I hope to shine a light on others who have struggled too, maybe, just maybe, we'll get through these trials together and come out smiling!
Much loves,
Nicky ❤

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  1. You missed a word in your post, maybe audit it before posting

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