Bedtime thoughts


I made a decision a few weeks ago to change my focus from the negative feelings and depression I had been experiencing to use them for good. I did my first interview with Marilyn Asher. We discussed what it was like to be a single mom and what it was like to raise a child with special needs. If you are feeling like the whole world is on your shoulders talk to someone who has led a rougher life. Count your blessings! I have felt so much lighter after my interview this past week. It felt good to think about someone other than myself. I hope you will take the time to do the same. Much loves, Nicky

2 thoughts on “Bedtime thoughts”

  1. Changing focus from the negative to the positive helps so much. It is a continual process, a redirecting of our thoughts in every moment until seeing the good becomes our Go-To. It has been some work on my part, but we are seeing such results in our home and family. I look forward to reading your interview.

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