This year I made up my mind to be intentional with my actions, to be mindful, and purposeful. I am a HUGE procrastinator! If it’s uncomfortable I will put it off until the last second it needs done. Do you do this too?

So I’ve made my list, taxes (ugh), purging unneeded stuff in our home, and lastly getting rid of subscriptions that are sucking money from our bank account. I canceled 6 so far, a total of $80! These things are huge to me and making these mindful changes are going to make our lives simpler.

What can you do to be intentional? It only takes one to start the change!

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Welcome to a safe place and hold onto your hat as we go on a new journey together. I've experienced major changes in our family and frankly have been devastating to me. I've been feeling sorry for myself and am done with it. I hope to shine a light on others who have struggled too, maybe, just maybe, we'll get through these trials together and come out smiling!
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