Self-Care Saturday!

What can you do when to get rid of anxiety? One of the things that have helped me is adult coloring. It helps relaxes your brain, it’s pleasurable and okay if you mess it up! So many times I would start coloring and I would noticed starting out with darker colors but by the time I had completed the picture, my colors were lighter and it was a happier picture. Adult coloring is a fast and easy way to relieve stress and those anxious feelings! I offer a free 15 minute consulation call. Schedule yours today!

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It's Going to Be Okay!

Welcome to a safe place and hold onto your hat as we go on a new journey together. I've experienced major changes in our family and frankly have been devastating to me. I've been feeling sorry for myself and am done with it. I hope to shine a light on others who have struggled too, maybe, just maybe, we'll get through these trials together and come out smiling!
Much loves,
Nicky ❤

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