National Stress Awareness Day!

Did you know November 3rd, was National Stress Awareness Day? Yeah, I didn’t know it was either. Yes, I know today is the 4th but since I like to talk about mental health and elminiating stress I thought it would give me a good reason to chat about it.

Do you know how to recognize stress in your life? What does stress look like to you? Can you picture it in your mind? Most people assume they can recognize stress but we have to slow down in order to recognize! To me stress comes in many forms such as a headache, muscle tension, stomach issues, or chest pains.

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Welcome to a safe place and hold onto your hat as we go on a new journey together. I've experienced major changes in our family and frankly have been devastating to me. I've been feeling sorry for myself and am done with it. I hope to shine a light on others who have struggled too, maybe, just maybe, we'll get through these trials together and come out smiling!
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