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What Do I Do Next?

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You’ve been in a slump, you’ve been depressed, you’re anxiety is through the roof, and your family is avoiding you. You know you need a change but don’t know what to do next? How do you even begin to make the changes needed in your life? Everywhere you turn, all you see is a pile of poo. I’m here to tell you there is hope, there’s a solution, it takes hard work but I am here every step of the way in your journey.

When I was at my lowest, I knew I needed a change. The first thing I did was write down what I wanted to change and what could I do in that moment to begin my transformation. Some of the issues in my life I was unable to do anything to make it better. I decided to focus on other areas I had control over. It didn’t solve all of my problems but it was an instant win and gave me a boost in my self-esteem.

What do you have on your list? Can you prioritize the list? Getting a quick and easy win in your life is the first thing to do. My first issue on my list was my house and how it needed de-cluttered and cleaned. My kitchen was my worst room so I started there. Once I started de-cluttering it, I felt some of my stress start to float away.

I am recommending these books to help get you started on your journey! I have read all 3 of them and they definitely helped organized my mind and helped me decide what we needed or didn’t need in our home.

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