Mary Welp-Author of RISE Hypnotic Meditation

Nicky Asher-Bowling Hello everybody! This is Nicky from Motherhood Unfiltered: It’s going to be okay! Today I have Mary Welp on the podcast, and she is the author of rise hypnotic meditation, and she is a cranial sacral and hypnotherapist. First tell me about being a Hypnotherapist and how this cranial sacral works? Mary Welp […]

Mary Welp-Author of RISE Hypnotic Meditation

By It's Going to Be Okay!

Welcome to a safe place and hold onto your hat as we go on a new journey together. I've experienced major changes in our family and frankly have been devastating to me. I've been feeling sorry for myself and am done with it. I hope to shine a light on others who have struggled too, maybe, just maybe, we'll get through these trials together and come out smiling! Much loves, Nicky ❤

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