How to Prioritize Self-Care in Stressful Times

Meet Elizabeth Andreyevskiy, a stress coach for Christian Moms, podcast host, mom of four, wife, and believer. Elizabeth is here to help reduce mental stress and overwhelm so you can respond with patience and calm. Elizabeth went through a journey of learning how to parent differently and understanding the importance of taking time for herself. Now, she is on a mission to help other moms learn how to fill up their cup as it is being depleted throughout the day. Learn from Elizabeth today and find out how to reduce stress and be a better mom!
Why is it important for Christian Moms to prioritize self-care during stressful times?
Self-care for Christian Moms is incredibly important during times of stress. Taking the time to look after ourselves allows us to better serve our families, friends, and communities. Allowing ourselves to slow down and recharge our energy gives us the ability to better handle the demands of being a Mother in a stressful world. Our faith teaches us to be strong and to put God first in our lives, but it also teaches us to take care of ourselves as well.
Here are the steps you need to follow:
1. Take some time for yourself before the day begins, such as reading the Bible, journaling, meditating, and deep breathing.
2. Find pockets in the day to calm and center yourself, such as reading, meditating, journaling, taking short naps, and visualizing a peaceful, calm place.
3. When overwhelmed or stressed, take deep breaths and sit in silence for five minutes.
4. Simplify and ask for help to create white space in your day.
5. Step away and cool off if you feel you may be reactive.

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