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This year I made up my mind to be intentional with my actions, to be mindful, and purposeful. I am a HUGE procrastinator! If it’s uncomfortable I will put it off until the last second it needs done. Do you do this too?

So I’ve made my list, taxes (ugh), purging unneeded stuff in our home, and lastly getting rid of subscriptions that are sucking money from our bank account. I canceled 6 so far, a total of $80! These things are huge to me and making these mindful changes are going to make our lives simpler.

What can you do to be intentional? It only takes one to start the change!

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Bedtime thoughts

I made a decision a few weeks ago to change my focus from the negative feelings and depression I had been experiencing to use them for good. I did my first interview with Marilyn Asher. We discussed what it was like to be a single mom and what it was like to raise a child with special needs. If you are feeling like the whole world is on your shoulders talk to someone who has led a rougher life. Count your blessings! I have felt so much lighter after my interview this past week. It felt good to think about someone other than myself. I hope you will take the time to do the same. Much loves, Nicky

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Full Funday Sunday

Hey all! I had a wonderful day. Several chores checked off my list and we even made it outside for much needed yard work. If you are someone who suffers from depression or anxiety it is important to make a conscious effort to be intentional, be intentional with your time and the activities you choose to do. The year 2020 has been on hard on every one of us. I suffered from depression this past winter and it took me months to get to point where I could think about why I was in this place and to make a decision to deal with it and the issues that caused it. I encourage each of you to take inventory of your life and address an area that needs your attention. I will be interviewing a special lady to me, Ms. Marilyn Asher, Monday March 15th at 7pm on my Facebook page. She is a mother of 5, first of her siblings to get a degree, preschool teacher, and raised a special needs grandson. I hope to see you there live. Find me on Facebook Motherhood Unfiltered: It’s going to be okay. Much loves, Nicky

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Nicky, where are you?

Hey there! Have you ever been living your best life or what you thought was your best life then an event happens and knocks you down? Well this happened to me last fall! It took me months to ‘get over it!’ Did I overcome it? Not hardly but I had to decide I needed to make a change in my own life. Is my life perfect? hahaha No way, but I need to move on. I can only do what I can do with the time I have now.

Where are you?

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Do unto others?

I am going to apologize upfront to you regarding today’s blog! I grew up in a time where we observed the ‘golden rule.’ I believe if you are kind and nice than others will be kind and nice to you. As I have become an adult I have learned that is almost always not the case. I can not control others but I have to control myself. This is easier said than done! If I support your non-profit, your hobby, or your personal weight loss fitness plan than I expect some consideration in return. I am not greedy, I understand not everyone believes as I do but geesh! A little consideration folks!