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Motherhood Unfiltered: It’s going to be okay!

New episodes out weekly! I interview people with exceptional skills, or those who have went through an experience that changed their life. Our conversations are invaluable bits of information to help yourself get through your day!

Unlocking Mental Freedom: Elizabeth Louis's Journey of Self Care" Motherhood Unfiltered: It's going to be okay!

**Note theres a small section of the episode that echoes. Please turn your volume down a tad. Its good information and I will fix later today.**After surviving a childhood of abuse, Elizabeth Louis embarks on an inspiring journey of self-discovery, challenging her fears of vulnerability an pushes her boundaries to realize her true potential and spread unconditional love. "If I can forgive my brother, who tried killing me literally most of my life, and you can forgive your boss who's not giving you the work you want. There's so much freedom and so much beauty about life, and I just want to encourage people to take all of their lives and their minds." Elizabeth Louis is a mindset and performance coach who works with high performers, professional athletes, corporate, private, and small business powerhouses, and innovation driven entrepreneurs, helping them master their mindset, increase their cognitive awareness, and achieve peak performance. Elizabeth Louis had faced a difficult childhood; her brother had tried to kill her numerous times. In order to heal and gain freedom from her trauma, she decided to gain mastery over her mental health. She got her first Masters in Positive Psychology and her second Masters in Clinical Mental Health. She used herself as a guinea pig and developed tools to help her move forward. She learned to practice radical acceptance and to focus on what she could control. She also encouraged people to take 1% steps each day to grow, to normalize being uncomfortable, and to find a spiritual source to lean on. By relearning herself, she was able to develop a sense of self confidence and safety. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. How to use values to identify boundaries and make decisions 2. How to practice radical acceptance and keep focus on what you can control 3. How to overcome anxiety and depression by cultivating present-mindedness and optimism. Resources: Calls to Action: https://elizabethlouis.com/performancedevass/ Connect with me: Website: https://www.nickyasherbowling.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/nicky-asher-bowling/message
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