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The Relentless Boy Mom: Adrianne Taylor on Parenting and Communication Motherhood Unfiltered: It's going to be okay!

When single mother Adrianne Taylor unexpectedly becomes a "boy mom" of five children ranging from age six to 25, her relentless pursuit to build an open, honest, and intentional relationship with her sons highlights the central conflict of her podcast, "The Relentless Boy Mom". "No matter what, we just keep going, and it's going to be all right. We can't ever give up. Our kids are looking to us in any situation, and how we react is how they're going to react. How we perceive the situation is how they're going to perceive it." Adrianne Taylor is a boy mom of five and host of the podcast "The Relentless Boy Mom," where she shares her experiences of navigating motherhood and encourages other moms to keep a positive mindset. Adrianne Taylor experienced firsthand the importance of communication in parenting after becoming a young single mom of three boys. Despite the struggles she faced, she persevered and learned the importance of engaging her oldest son, Caleb, in conversations before her remarriage and the arrival of her other sons. Now, with her oldest son at 25 and youngest son at 6, Adrianne has seen the differences in her parenting, and encourages other parents to bring their children into conversations and be intentional in asking them how they feel. Despite the difficulties of parenting, Adrianne still plans fun family activities, understanding that not every day will go perfectly. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. The Challenges of Raising Adult Children: How to transition from making decisions for your children to allowing them to make their own decisions. 2. The Power of Intentional Conversations: How to ask your children thought-provoking questions to deepen your relationship. 3. The Reality of Highlight Reels: How to be mindful of the pressure to compare us to the "perfect" lives portrayed on social media. Resources: The Relentless BoyMom Podcast Resources: Go to my website to sign up today: Connect with me: Website: Chapter Summaries: [00:00:00] Adrianne Taylor is a boy mom of five. To motherhood unfiltered is going to be okay. Lots of times moms are in the middle of some kind of catastrophe or anxiety attack. If you keep a positive mindset and work through the problems at the Indian, it'll be all right. [00:01:00] Aaron Carroll: I have a podcast called the relentless boy mom. He says once you become a mom, that's who you become. Carroll: You don't have to be a boy mom to listen to his podcast or even be a guest on it. He wants to let all moms know that you're doing the best that you can. [00:07:41] There's a huge difference between my oldest and my youngest and how I thought as a mom, how I parented and things that mattered. Does your older son offer any kind of needed or wanted advice to the youngers? [00:11:49] When you have a boy or a girl, bring them into the conversation because their life is going to be changing. Having a positive male role model in the home can change the family dynamics. I would recommend is if you are a single mom looking to remarry. [00:20:29] I enjoy seeing my kids as adults. I don't like seeing them struggle. They're able to handle adulthood as best as they know how. And they're working through the problems. Sometimes they look for us to just give them answers. [00:22:38] Roxanne Jones: It's almost tougher raising adult children because as little kids, you can kind of help them work through their problems. Having a six-year-old and a 25 year old helps me appreciate the younger one, she says. Jones: Being more mindful and intentional of asking them how they are going. [00:28:12] Not every day goes perfect. Do activities together. Talk with your kids. Be thankful for every single happy moment. Let go of the expectations and create memories. [00:35:33] Their immune systems are good, so they're fine. But because it says it expired doesn't mean it's bad. This one was bad, though. I mean, we needed every last bit I had growing boys. [00:36:11] If you're a mom, you have to be relentless. I can't tell you the countless nights I laid in bed just I almost wanted to wake them up and be like, I'm so sorry. And this resolution that as soon as we wake up tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be a different day. [00:37:43] Can they listen to your podcast on any platform, or is it just on Spotify, Apple, iTunes? If you type in the relentless boy mom three words, you'll see a picture of me with my five sons. You were actually on it, so thank you for your episode. — Send in a voice message:
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