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Dom Brightmon: Unlocking the Power of Communication

Are you looking to develop your communication skills, financial literacy, and networking skills? Dom Brightmon, bestselling author, and certified trainer with the Maxwell Leadership Team, is here to help! At 23, Dom wrote his first book, and now he is the host of a popular podcast which features authors from around the world. In this article, Dom will reveal the three skills he believes that millennials should develop and master in order to succeed. As Dom found out, writing leads to wealth, so don’t miss out on the valuable advice he has to offer.

Join us in learning how Dom Brightmon became a published author at the age of 23 and get ready to be inspired! Dom Brightmon is an inspiring leader, certified trainer, and best-selling author. His podcast, Going North, is committed to featuring authors from around the world and offers a free eBook, 21 Lessons Learned from Podcasting, to listeners. Dom is an ambitious young man, having written his first book at the age of 23. He is passionate about helping millennials develop and master communication, financial literacy, and networking skills. With over 734 interviews under his belt, Dom is making a name for himself as a leader in the podcasting space.

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