Coaching with Nicky

I now have 5 spots open for clients. 

I have been hard working on my 2023 schedule! The changes I made to my schedule means I can take on 5 NEW coaching clients. I am so excited about this opportunity and to share this journey with you. I will have more time to help you, one on one this year. I started my podcast almost 2 years ago to get my message out to you but I have been feeling I need to do more to help. Everything I have been working on the past 2 years is bursting to get out and smack some funkiness out of you. I mean not literally but you know, let’s take our life back! Why do we have to live each day unsatisfied? We don’t have too that’s the beauty of today’s culture! We do not have to live with dissatisfaction and complacency.

Do you qualify to work with me? How do you know? 

  1. Do you feel your life is out of control? 
  2. Is your anxiety through the roof and your depression is through the floor?
  3. Are you stinky? 
  4. Do you jump out of bed each morning with excitement, ready to start your day?
  5. Are you breathing? 

If any of these questions have a YES answer then I am here for you. 

If you meet any of these requirements then you are qualified to work with me. Let me help you! I know where you are, I was there, I have been there but I decided I needed a change. It wasn’t easy but it did get easier but I had to keep at it!

What are the benefits of being coached by Nicky?

Weekly 30 minute one on one for 6 months

Exclusive vox messaging 

A personalized guided plan 

Mid week check in

Bonus: free copy of my course ‘Get out of da FuNk!


*This special package is $297 a month for 6 months ($297*6=$1782)

**Pay 6 months in advance and get 30% off discount ($1782*30%=$534.60 New total $1247.40)

***Pay 3 months in advance get 10% off discount ($1782*10%=$178.20 New total $1603.80)

  • Refer a client and they sign up for my 6 month ‘Get out of da FuNk!’ Coaching package will reward you $50 off your own package after 90 days.. 
  • Payment types accepted Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle.
  • All sales are final and no refunds. 
  • If Payment cannot be made on time please contact me asap to make arrangements.