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Interesting or concerning stories about mother’s in the news! This page will be for awareness and hopefully causes critical thinking. How can we help each other? How can we help ourselves? Why are these events happening? Where are these mothers in their own journey’s? Hopefully you will be as intrigued by them as I am.

CPS Takes a Daughter from Her Drug-addicted Mother

March 19, 2023 Author: Motherhood Unfiltered: It’s going to be okay.

The Bexar County Early Childhood Court program helps families with children under five years old reunite in less than a year through therapy, parenting, and domestic violence classes. The program requires a lot of commitment and self-evaluation from families to heal and feel safe for reunification. Stephanie Bailey, a mother battling drug and alcohol addiction, was able to reunite with her daughter after completing the program. The program helped her get clean and gave her the tools needed for healthy and safe reunification.

What more can be done to help families struggling with addiction, and how can we support programs like the Bexar County Early Childhood Court to ensure more families get the help they need?


Patty Santos, Reporter

Adam B. Higgins, Photojournalist

Published: March 17, 2023 at 10:30 PM

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This video is about  a young mom, a nurse and suffering from maternal mental illness and it’s a tragic story. Mental illness can be camouflaged and will give your loved ones, friends, and co-workers a false sense of security that she is okay. Please know those around you and check in on them, offer help if they do not think they need it, we need to be intuned to each other. Do not assume she’s okay, but an act of kindness, a simple conversation may be the thing to help her. Please let me know what your thoughts are regarding our young mothers today.

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